Project Consultation

For some people, outsourcing an IT project may seem like a daunting task, for others, they may not know exactly what they require or if it can be completed. Globus Infotech provides a full consultation service to anyone that wishes to discuss their web project. Our experienced consultants come from a business background which is backed up by technical and industrial knowledge ensuring you get relevant advice and guidance.

Our consultants will have a number of meetings with you over the phone or one of the instant messengers. For some clients we can even arrange to have the consultant fly to your office for a face to face meeting. Alternatively, you could arrange to come and spend some time at the Globus Infotech offices.

Who is our consultation service for?

  1. Clients who have never outsourced an IT project before
  2. Clients who need technical guidance on a project
  3. Clients who need business guidance on a project
  4. Clients who need assistance defining the features and functionality of a project
  5. Clients who require a face to face meeting prior to starting the project