Quality Assurance

Will your new website be able to handle the load? Is it secure? Is it user friendly? And most importantly, does it meet the accessibility standards required by law in your country? Whether you are launching a new website or have an established site, Globus Infotech can provide professional quality analysis to ensure everything is upto scratch. We have numerous services available, including:

An experienced programmer will be assigned to test the security of your site from SQL injections to validation of the code. Any areas that need improving will be documented and can be corrected if the contract warrants it.

Your website will be handed over to our usability team who are experts in testing websites and software for intuitiveness, complexity and overall user experience. Suggestions and advice will be documented which can be acted on after the testing has finished.

Does your website work like it should? Does it meet your original requirements? Are all the functions working correctly? Our software team clicks, checks, clicks, checks, and then checks some more. Your project is given an in-depth review to ensure everything is working as it should.

Can your new website handle millions of visitors? Unless you test it before hand, it can be very embarrassing to launch your site and then see it get knocked offline as it can't handle the amount of traffic being driven to it. Our expert system admins can put your website in to a controlled environment that will simulate varying traffic levels and monitor how your site will perform. Suggestions and advice will be documented and corrective action can be taken.